Ending Digital Exclusion in Nunsmoor

We have an exiting new project in the pipeline and we need your help.
At the Nunsmoor Centre trust we are committed to doing all that we can to make sure that people’s circumstances, life experiences or past opportunities do not hold them back.
With this in mind we have started a crowdfunded project to buy some laptops for the centre so that we can run some volunteer led drop in sessions to help people gain skills and confidence online and with basic programs that might be needed for jobs. If the crowdfunder goes well we will also have 2 desktop computers available at the centre for people to drop in and use anytime.
And here is where you can help. If you are able pledging to the cause would be amazing (you don’t pay anything unless we are successful. but right now we are not asking for money we just need you support and input. Please click on the link, like the project and leave us a comment. tell us what you think, anything you would like us to include in the sessions we plan to offer. Sharing the project on your own social media would be a big help too. The more people who like, comment and share the more our project is likely to be seen by big funders and the more we are likely to get pledges.
Thank you so much in advance.

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